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I am Betsy Millane. I grew up with with discussions about Real Estate swirling around my head always, because my Dad was a Realtor. On Sunday night he would load all of us in the car and drive by the houses he'd sold, hoped to sell, or property he wanted to develop, telling my Mom all about them.
This story stays with me as I practice real estate. One cold Saturday morning when I was about 6 years, I'd woken up, run down to the kitchen, and was looking for my bowl of cereal when the phone rang. Dad picked it up, said, "Hi!...What?...Don't worry about it. I will take care of it." He put the phone down and thumbed through the yellow pages. He dialed a number and as soon as the person answered, Dad said, "Joe, you've been my furnace man for years. I have a big favor to ask you. I need for you to get a furnace over to 444 Kelley Lane right away....Don't worry about it, I will pay for it. Thanks so much!"
My mother stood in front of him and said, "John, you have six kids. You're giving away furnaces?"
Dad said, "The seller took the furnace with him. They've got kids. They need heat. It's my name on the sign. I have to make this right."
He didn't call the sherif, the other agent, or the seller. He took care of it.
I learned: This is how you do real estate. You take care of the problems. This is the way you sleep at night. You make things right.
As it happens, he became their realtor for life and, once the story was shared, the realtor for all the neighbors and family members and friends. All because he did the right thing.
How can I help you?
Do you want to know the value of your house? I's be happy to give you one. If you want to know what the market is doing, I can share my thoughts and data on that. If you want to know what improvements will add the most value to your house, I can tell you. 
I am confident that I will not just be the realtor for you for this transaction, but for life. That's my promise. 

My Story

My instincts for client service were sharpened at an early age by my father, a Realtor, who instilled in me the importance of owning every facet of the transaction for my clients. Although real estate is in my blood, my career is founded upon my own passion for helping clients with their most significant investment: Their home. My vast network, expert negotiation skills, and strategic marketing techniques have enabled me to cultivate a long list of loyal repeat and and referral clients. My high-touch approach and get-it-done attitude have made me a trusted advisor for buyers and sellers of all kinds - from young professionals searching for their first home, to downsizing couples embracing a dream of a new lifestyle. 

With a long standing zeal for real estate and interior design, I have helped many buyers to visualize as space in its greatest potential and assist sellers in bringing out the best in their home. I teach a course, Staging Using your Own Things, to educate sellers on how to maximize the wow in their homes with what they already have on hand. 

I am a licensed Realtor in Massachusetts. I hold a Bachelors degree from Boston College and completed a year at the University of Lancaster in Lancashire, England.


I believe in supporting my community, and do so by my work with the Needham Council of Arts and Culture, the Needham Women's Club, heading up the Womens Business Group in Wellesley, the Weston-Wayland Rotary, the Needham Newton Chamber of Commerce, and supporting my Church by writing for it's publications and working with their Outreach endeavors. 

In my free time I love to venture to Chicago and Michigan and Boulder CO to see family, but when in Massachusetts I bake for everyone - neighbors, children, and customers. I hike, walk, bike, garden, read, and explore greater Boston restaurants and galleries. There is so much to love about Boston. 

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