• Betsy Millane

Covid & Real Estate

How has Covid affected your business? I am asked. Oh boy. Where to start.

Inventory: Some people are reluctant to have strangers in their house in this Covid time. It’s understandable. It cuts down on inventory.

Protocol: Before listing showings and open houses, I distribute laytex gloves, booties, insist that people wear masks, and showings are limited to 3 people at a time in the house, at 15 minute increments. I ask that they sign a "hold harmless". Although I have made every effort to sanitize the house, wiping the doorknobs down with alcohol and airing out the house, I can’t say it’s Covid free 100%.

It’s funny – everyone complies without complaint. No one questions it. I’ve had people thank me.

It reminds me that we are all in this together.

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