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The Funny Thing About Buyers

It’s a funny thing about buyers.

I love them and I work with them, a lot. I love my listings, too.

I love welcoming people into what could potentially be their next purchase, their house.

As a realtor, I feel you have to represent both to understand the market fully.

Both have their reveals and this blog entry is about buyers.

It’s wonderful to learn what they want, what they don’t like, what their must haves are.

For example; a couple who state that they require two sinks in the master bathroom. A big fenced-in back yard. A gourmet kitchen.

Then, they fall in love with a house where the kitchen needs work, the master bathroom has one sink, and the yard is not fenced.

I check my notes and wonder, why?

What I realize then is that they fell in love with the place in the kitchen they will eat their ice cream surreptitiously at night, in the light of the refrigerator. They found a place to read a book in the upstairs hallway where they can curl up near a window overlooking the back yard. They fell in love with the neighbors, washing their cars.

A kitchen renovation, a sink compromise, and a fencing project are all easier to imagine with those features I don’t think any of us realized would tell them that this is the place.

I am so glad we found it together.

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